J Technology, Inc. guarantees all technical service rendered.

Client is held responsible to make back-ups of all data stored on their computer prior to provision of service, but if client request J Technology to back-ups / recovery of data, J Technology does not guarantee and is not responsible for lost or damaged of client's data.

Client must have all passwords, CD/product key codes, software, operating disc, and/or restore disc prior to provision of service.

For broadband connections, broadband service must be installed and in operation prior to the technician's arrival for networking services.

No charges will be made if the technician cannot solve the problem. This does not include the pick-up and drop-off fees.

For us to pick-up and drop off of computers for in-shop service, there is a charge of $35.00, which will be included in the service fee once the service is completed.

Payment is due upon completion of work. Payment can be made in form of personal check, cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover via Paypal.